What constitutes wellness and why is it such a buzz word? Wellness has a different definition for everyone. The Benecon Group believes that wellness is an integration of thoughts and behaviors, linked together to achieve optimal health. Wellness is more than just the absence of illness.

Benecon's wellness programs are directed towards a company's most valuable asset, its employees. We know that each company requires a different approach to its unique situation. Most companies lack the time, resources and experience to effectively address wellness programming. The Benecon Group understands that economic pressures require creative solutions to your healthcare management needs.

Wellness programming will directly affect your health care costs. It is not always easy to measure the results on a monthly or quarterly basis but wellness programming can keep employees on the job, more productive, healthier and satisfied.

Seventy percent of chronic disease and illness can be directly linked to our behaviors and choices. Benecon will empower your employees to make small changes in their lifestyles that, over time, add up to optimal health. The useful information and education tools we deliver will allow employees to take responsibility for their health, thus giving them the power to create their own wellness.

B. Informed:
View our informative newsletter, current and past issues, that are filled with quick and easy wellness tips. You will also find useful facts and information that can help you in achieving an overall sense of wellness.

B. Active:
Simple physics: A body in motion tends to stay in motion while a body at rest tends to stay at rest. You will find simple ways to add activity into your life as well as ways to start an exercise plan or make your current plan more effective. We will explore ways to increase your activity level without going to the gym.

B. Nutritious:
Remember the old saying, you are what you eat? We describe ways to change your eating habits to include healthier alternatives. You will find recipes that are tasty and balanced as well as suggestions on ways to avoid the perils of dining out. Eating healthy can be fun, easy and delicious!

B. Relaxed:
We all have stress in our lives and sometimes we need help coping. Stress relief may be as easy as listening to a waterfall, going for a quick walk, watching a hawk soar or just a laugh. We hope you find stress relief here.

B. Linked:
Technology allows us to find information in a hurry. That information is not always reliable or trustworthy.  Here you will find links to sites that we know and trust to provide you with accurate information.


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