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A Unique Approach
Benecon's Public Sector Division specializes in creating health insurance purchasing cooperatives for counties, municipalities, authorities, regional municipal entities, and school districts.  Benecon's approach to joint purchasing affords public entities the opportunity to access the benefits of self-funding their employee health benefits in a safe and secure environment. It does so by utilizing a unique risk transfer approach coupled with limited risk sharing. The end result has stabilized heath insurance premium growth while providing a platform to control heath insurance costs both by retaining underwriting gains that would otherwise flow to insurance carriers and by focusing on strategies that reduce claim costs.

Experience Counts
The Benecon cooperative story began in 1991 with the creation of the first Pennsylvania municipal cooperative formed exclusively for the purpose of joint purchasing of health insurance benefits. From it's early beginnings with only four public entities it has spread across Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Florida.

Performance Driven
A key component of this program is developing partnerships between the participating public entities, the major health insurance companies and the reinsurance companies. These partnerships are essential to achieving year to year program stability for the members, especially when they experience a below average year of medical claims.

From 2006-2011, Benecon's public sector cooperatives have returned in execss of $69 million to the members while keeping a retention rate in excess of 98%. During this same time, Benecon has seen a continual increase in the number of members joining one of it's public sector health insurance cooperatives.

Other Programs Offered
Benecon offers many other ancillary benefits to assist our clients.  These include dental, vision, life, AD&D and a unique workers' compensation pool.

In today's environment with rising health care costs, it is important you explore all of your options to lower your costs.  Joining one of Benecon's municipal cooperatives is a proven method to reduce your health insurance costs.

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