ACA Employer Reporting Due Dates Pushed Back   New 12/28/15

 Cadillac Tax Delayed for Two Years   New 12/21/15

2015 and 2016 ACA Employer & Individual Mandate Penalty Amounts, Fees and Limitations   New 12/18/15

Transitional Reinsurance Fee Reminder & Helpline Information  New 11/2/15

 IRS Announces 2016 FSA Deferral Limits  New 10/22/2015

Patient Centered Outcomes Research Fee (PCOR FEE):  Updated Fee Schedule Released  New 10/13/2015 

Obama Signs PACE ACT Changing ACA Small Group Market Definition New 10/8/2015 

2016 Employer Notice Program  New 10/7/2015

IRS Releases 2015 Draft Instructions and Updated Draft Forms for ACA Employer Reporting      New 8/7/2015

Supreme Court Upholds ACA Subsidy Challenge in King vs. Burwell    New  6/25/2015

Reminder - Patient Centered Outcomes Research Fee (PCOR Fee): Filing and Payment Deadline is July 31, 2015    NEW 6/1/2015

Changes To The Calculation Method Of Family Out-Of-Pocket Costs For 2016   New 5/14/2015

New ACA FAQs Address Preventive Care Questions  New 5/14/2015

2016 Cost Sharing Limits Announced      New 5/7/2015

2014 Transitional Reinsurance Fee Filing Deadline Extended to 11:59 pm on December 5, 2014    New 11/15/2014

DOL Confirms That Employers May Not Pay For Employees In Exchanges on a Pretax or Post-Tax Basis      New 11/11/2014

CMS Releases New FAQ About Counting Methods For Transitional Reinsurance Fee for SELF FUNDED GROUPS ONLY   New 11/10/2014

Transitional Reinsurance Fee Reminder: Deadline to Submit Annual Enrollment Count & Schedule Payment is November 15, 2014     Updated 11/5/2014

CMS Announces Indefinite Delay in Enforcement of HPID Regulations  New 11/3/2014

Transitional Reinsurance Fee: Annual Enrollment & Contributions Submission Form To Become Available on Pay.Gov on October 24, 2014   New 10/20/2014

Final Employer Reporting Regulations Released   Updated 9/26/2014

Patient Centered Outcomes Research Fee (PCOR Fee): Updated Fee Schedule Released   Updated 9/26/2014

Cafeteria Plans May Now Be Amended to Allow Mid-Year Employee Participation in the Exchange/Marketplace   New 9/26/2014

The Transitional Reinsurance Fee - FAQs -Updated 9/8/2014

IRS Releases New 2015 Rates for "Affordable Coverage" Under the Employer Mandate -New 8/5/14

HPID Benefit Brief -New 7/29/14

US Supreme Court Issues Decision Regarding Contraceptive Mandate (Hobby Lobby/Conestoga Wood) - New 6/30/14

PCOR Fee Due July 31st For All Group Health Plans Updated 6/20/2014

IRS Confirms Its Position Against Employer Reimbursement of Individual Premiums - New Guidance Highlights Potential Penalties -New 5/22/14

Agencies Release ACA/COBRA Guidance -New 5/5/14

Updated SBC Frequently Asked Questions -New 5/5/14

Small Group Deductible Limits Eliminated - New 4/4/14

2015 Cost Sharing Limits Announced -Updated 4/4/14

Final Employer Mandate Rules Pertaining to Educational Institutions - New 3/13/14

Health Care Reform Timeline - Updated 3/12/14: provides short summaries/descriptions of all of the provisions of Health Care Reform, including links to Benecon communications and other websites for additional information. We will update this document as new guidance and regulations are released.

Final Employer Reporting Regulations Released-New 3/10/14

Some ACA Non-Compliant Plans Permitted to Remain Until 2016-New 3/10/14

FAQ: 90 Day Waiting Period Limitation-Final Regulations-New 3/4/14

Final Employer Mandate Rules Released - New 2/11/14

Benecon Summaries of provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) are available at the links below:

HHS Delays Online Enrollment in Federal Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) For One Year - New 12/10/13

Exchange/Marketplace Notice Update - New 9/11/13

Individual Major Medical Policies Generally Cannot Be Offered On A Pre-Tax Basis As Of January 1, 2014  - New 1/9/14

Individual Mandate Final Regulations - New 8/30/13

Pay or Play and Information Reporting Transitional Guidance - New 7/11/13

Contraceptive Coverage Final Rule - Updated 7/8/13

Pay or Play and Information Reporting Mandates Delayed - New 7/5/13

PCOR Fee a Deductible Business Expense - New 6/10/13

Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP)Updated 6/7/13

Form 720 Revised for PCOR Fee - New 6/6/13

Wellness Plans and Health Care Reform FAQs - New 6/4/13

Employer Coverage Tool - New 5/23/13

Exchange/Marketplace Notice Language Released - New 5/10/13

Role of Agents & Brokers in Health Insurance Marketplaces/Exchanges - New 5/3/13

Summary of Benefits & Coverage: New Guidance on Year 2 Changes - New 4/26/13 

Summary of Benefits & Coverage Requirement/Advance Notice of Material Modification: FAQUpdated 4/26/13

Non-Calendar-Year Cafeteria Plans - New 4/10/13

Exchange Navigator Standards - Proposed Regulations - New 4/5/13

SHOP Delayed Until 2015 - New 4/3/13

90-Day Waiting Period - New 3/22/13

Whistleblower Protection - New 3/25/13

Guidance on HRAs and Health Care Reform - New 1/31/13

Wellness Plans and Health Care Reform; Proposed Rules - New 1/21/13

Employer Shared Responsibility (Pay or Play) Proposed Regulations - New 1/18/13

Essential Health Benefits - Updated 1/4/13

Transitional Reinsurance Fee - New 12/12/12

Summary Regarding Grandfather Status of a Group Health Plan - New 11/8/12

Additional Medicare Tax - New 9/17/12

Determining Full-time Employee Equivalent Status for Pay or Play - Updated 1/18/13 

Fees on Health Insurance Policies & Self-Insured PlansUpdated 1/15/13

Health FSA 2013 Deferral Limit - New Guidance - Updated 5/31/12

Technical Guidance on Upcoming Health Care Reform Requirements - New 2/29/12

Medical Loss Ratios: Final Rules - New 12/7/11

Medical Loss Ratio Rebates FAQs - New 7/30/12

Women's Preventive Services: Required Health Plan Coverage Guidelines - New 8/2/11

Summary of Rules Relating to Plan Changes for Plan Years After 9/23/10

Summary of Dependent to Age 26 Requirements

Summary of Early Retiree Reinsurance Program - Updated 4/5/11

Early Retiree Reinsurance Program Payment Processing Update - New 2/29/12

Small Business Tax Credit Summary - Updated 3/19/13

Summary of Rules to Determine Grandfathered Status of a Group Health Plan - Updated 1/7/11

Recommended Preventive Services

Overview of Changes to W-2 Reporting Requirements - Updated 8/8/12

Patient Protection Notice - for Non-grandfathered plans if participants are required to designate a primary care provider - New 1/19/12 

Health Care Reform Links

Federal Government website - official U.S. government site with news and information about health care reform

White House website - information from the White House on health care reform

US Department of Labor website - information from the DOL on PPACA

Health Care Reform FAQ - information from the U.S. departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and the Treasury on the Affordable Care Act implementation: FAQ Part I; FAQ Part II; FAQ Part III; FAQ Part IV; FAQ Part V; FAQ Part VI . - organizations representing consumers, patients, physicians, nurses, hospitals, and pharmacists answer America's questions about the Affordable Care Act.

IRS Q & A on W-2 Reporting Requirements - updated information on reporting the cost of employer-provided health care coverage
IRS W-2 Reporting Chart - contains the requirements for tax-year 2012 and beyond

IRS Q & A on Small Business Tax Credit - information from the IRS on the Small Business Tax Credit

Small Business Tax Credit - a great tool from CBC for determining the amount of the credit

PA Labor & Employment Blog - what employers need to know about health care reform

Office of Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight - responsible for implementing many provisions of the health care reform legislation


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