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Benefit Brief and BeneFlash newsletters are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. They contain summaries of applicable legal provisions and do not purport to cover every aspect of any particular law, regulation, or requirement. Benecon serves Pennsylvania employers and producers. Information contained in our newsletters is applicable to federal and Pennsylvania laws and regulations. Depending on the specific facts and location of any situation, there may be additional or different requirements. Please use our newsletters as guides and not as definitive descriptions of your compliance obligations.


COBRA Administration Set-Up Form 2014

Mini-COBRA Administration Set-Up Form 2014

COBRA - Revised Election Notice

COBRA Compliance and Audits: New IRS Guidelines

It's Time to Count Employees for COBRA

PA Mini-COBRA Election Notice

PA Mini-COBRA Summary


FMLA and How It Applies to Public Sector Employers
FMLA - New Definition of Son and Daughte
FMLA Expanded - Again
FMLA Final Regulations

Health and Welfare Plans    

2016 IRS HSA Limits

Medicare Part D - Creditable Coverage Disclosure Notice
HPID Benefit Brief
PA's Same-Sex Marriage Ban Struck Down by Federal Court: Potential Impacts to Group Health Plans

2015 IRS HSA Limits
Act 134 - Pennsylvania Small Group Health Insurance Rates
Adult Dependent Children Coverage Option

Autism Insurance Act
Bona Fide Wellness Plans Update
Cafeteria Plan Election Changes
Cafeteria Plans – New IRS Regulations
Comparison of the HSA FSA HRA 2015
Domestic Partner Benefits

Extension of Non-Enforcement Grace Periods Under PPACA
Form 5500 Filing Requirement
Form 5500 Noncompliance
FSA "Use It-or-Lose It" Rule Modified
FSA & HRA Debit Cards-Additional Rules for OTC Purchases
FSA, HRA, & HSA Changes for 2011 Under HCR
Grandfather Regulations Amendment
Grandfathered Health Plans FAQ
HSA at a Glance 2015
Ineligible Individuals Covered by a Health Plan
IRS Informal Guidance Regarding FSAs and HSAs
Limited Benefit (Mini-Med) Plan Waivers
Maryland's Same-Sex Marriage Law
Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act

New York State's Same-Sex Marriage Laws - Revised
Nondiscrimination Rules of Health Care Reform Delayed
Open Enrollment Notices
Philadelphia Equal Benefits Ordinance
POP Plans

Preventable Medical Errors
Record Retention Rules
Summary Annual Report (SAR)
Updated CHIP Notice for Employees Regarding Eligibility for Premium Assistance
Wellness Programs Safe Harbor
Who Has to Comply?
Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act (WHCRA)


REMINDER:  Deadline to Update Business Associate Agreements is September 22, 2014
HIPAA Breach Notification and Business Associate Requirements
HIPAA Final Omnibus Rule
HIPAA Privacy and Security Update

HIPAA Security for Self-Funded GHPs with No ePHI
HIPAA Update - e-PHI Risk Assessment


Creditable Coverage Disclosure Notice to Individuals 2015 

Counting Employees for Medicare
Creditable Coverage Disclosure Notice for Individuals
Creditable Coverage Disclosure Notice to CMS
Medicare Secondary Payer
MSP Reporting: Increase in HRA Threshold
Retiree Benefits - Update

Military Issues

Maryland Leave Law for Family of Armed Service Members
USERRA Update 2006


US Supreme Court Issues Decision Regarding Contraceptive Mandate (Hobby Lobby/Conestoga Wood)
Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)
Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act
Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act Final Regulations
PA Workers' Compensation Availability Expanded
W-2 Reporting of Health Care Costs Interim Guidance

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